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Soft Landscaping

With the initials of HFN standing for Home Farm Nurseries this highlights our long term experience in all aspects of green planting from new seeding of playing fields to planting conservation woodland.

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Floating Pennywort (Hydrocotyle ranunculoides) although an attractive foliage plant is highly invasive and requires a controlled methodical schedule of eradication.

The issues created by the plants growth structure of creating a raft are inclusive of:-

  • density of the raft reduces light levels causing water weeds and algae to die off leading to a reduction in water oxygenation levels threatening fish, tadpoles and snails.
  • loss of accessible open water at the margins create difficulties for wildlife
  • out competes native plant species and affects their growth ability.
  • can become large enough to create a reduction in flow, or a water block to the body of water increasing rhe risk of flooding.
  • strongly invaded waters can lose their attractiveness and safety for recreation.

Spread can be caused by human activity, natural spread by downstream floods and over large distances by seeded sediments stuck to feet or water birds. 

Good eradication is carried out by repeated applications with particular care given to collection and controlled disposal as these are paramount factors.  Treatment is at the end of the growing season assisted by herbicides for extensive die back of vegetation.

HFN are able to tackle this both from the land and the water.  Using a flat bottom boat with engine and extensive spraying equipment with fully trained operatives, HFN can manoeuvre up or down stream reaching the pennywort across its full width and length.  Surveys and monitoring are carried out to ensure that original schedule is working and revision to this is carried out if required.

Our knowledge of native woodland is second to none. Consisting mainly of broadleaved native trees such as ash, lime, oak and birch, native tree planting is a major speciality. HFN own and actively manage over 100 acres of semi-ancient woodland in partnership with the Forestry Commission.

Providing an immediate impact on the landscape, the planting of large semi-mature trees is increasingly popular. HFN operated a range of machines with specialist equipment for moving and handling large trees on site. Whether containerised or root balled, semi-mature trees need the correct amount of support whilst being moved, our specialist machines and operators ensure that the trees are planted successfully, safely and with the minimum disruption.

Tree planting generally takes place for bare rooted trees from November through to March. Whether you’re planting several hectares or a single tree, the care the tree(s) receive in the first few years after planting play a major part in ensuring you end up with healthy trees that will benefit people and wildlife for generations.

Regular weeding is essential to ensure your trees and shrubs get the best start in life. HFN can follow your planting through from design and planting through to full arboreal management.

Case Studies

Centenary Celebration Garden

To complement any project HFN can seed or turf using the right combination of ryegrass, fescue or bent grass to ensure a perfect finish to your project.

The HFN team has a wide range of experience in all key aspects of tree, woodland and ground clearance including:

  • Relocation or removal of trees
  • Stump extraction and grinding
  • Chipping
  • Woodland management
  • Ride and trail clearance
  • Major highway vegetation clearance

Our specialist machinery enables us to move trees up to 100cm in circumference. We operate a no-burn policy and use specialist equipment that will mulch or chip your waste on site.

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