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New Forest

  • HFN were appointed as principle contractor and consultant for the partial design and build of the site services.
  • Project Value, £1,000,000.
  • The site was previously a redundant RAF airfield, which had all the concrete runways crushed and re-used as site road sub-base. This resulted in less impact on the local area and traffic when building the site and saved costs in terms of materials and transportation.
  • Extensive road and hard standings layouts were constructed including all utilities required for the site users.
  • In line with HFN’s investment in the environment, all of the existing roads and runways were used to form the base of the roads and hard standing for the new site, in turn reducing site traffic to and from the site by 50% and reducing the offsite tipping to nil. This recycling of existing materials also provided substantial savings for the client.
  • A commerative garden was built for the site to celebrate the client’s centenary, this garden being the focal point to extensive landscape planting, seeding and turfing.